The team behind #feedthefrontlinenola

These are the folks who are organizing the efforts to #feedthefrontline across New Orleans. All are volunteers and generously offering their time and skills to help make this as successful as possible.
Christine Bozinis
Christine is an amazingly nice person and also a spreadsheet wizard! She is our accountant / book-keeper. Making sure every dollar is accounted for and we have full transparancy.
Nicole Caridad
Social Media
Nicole Caridad Ralston of @EatenPathNola on Instagram has teamed up with Red Beans Parade to help manage their Instagram account.
Devin + Annelies De Wulf
Devin is a stay at home dad of two, a parade-organizer, and food-lover. He is married to a wonderful ER-doctor, Annelies, who works at University Medical Center in New Orleans.
Kristen Essig
Kristen is the chef and co-owner of two New Orleans restaurants, coquette and Thalia. She’s been a “member” of the Krewe of Red Beans for two years — although she’s never had the time to yet make a suit! Kristen and her partner, Michael Stoltzfus, are committed to their community (both their restaurant families and the greater New Orleans community) and has found great satisfaction thru her work with the #feedthefrontline initiative.
Chris Fettin
Chris is a long-time Krewe of Red Beans enthusiast and Principal Creative Director at Hundred Acre Design in New Orleans. He designed and built the website you're reading now, and is helping to adapt our digital presence to new developments on the ground as they happen.
Nancy Fournier
Nancy Fournier is a consultant working with nonprofits and social entrepreneurs to strengthen their leadership and processes. She joined the Krewe this year after many years of admiring them in the banks of Bayou St. John. Starting out tallying Venmo donations she is now using her writing skills trying to wrangle media attention to the effort.
Alexis Kyman
Alexis has been a member of the Krewe of Red Beans for three years, including being the Empress of Dead Beans this past year. She coordinates all day to day operations, making sure all of our food love gets to where it needs to go. Alexis also dominates the realm of social media for us!
Chris LeBato
Chris is the Business, Private, and Retail Banking Market Manager for IBERIABANK (AKA- Mrs. Doubtfire in a suit). He has been a member of the Krewe of Red Beans since 2018 and is helping with sponsorship and corporate giving for the #Feedthefrontline Campaign. In addition to KRB, Chris gives his time to the Youth Empowerment Project, WWOZ, ULI, and NORLI as a board member.
Blake Lindberg
Blake is a former restaurateur with El Libre and left the restaurant industry in July 2019 to join a Healthcare Start-Up, Monogram Health. He's currently the Market Manager of the Gulf States with Monogram Health, providing in-home healthcare management services for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease and End Stage Renal Disease throughout LA, MS, and Memphis, TN. He's contributing to the fundraising effort and will also be expanding the services to Territories outside of the Greater New Orleans Area.
Allison Lindberg
Allison Lindberg is a New Orleanian who recently moved back home from New York City after living there for ten years. She currently works as a Senior Project Manager at a physical asset management software company called Accruent. Her mother is a local Nephrologist in the city and growing up as a doctor's daughter she's always held a high respect for the people of the healthcare industry. She will be working on fundraising efforts and restaurant sourcing for the Krewe of Red Beans.
Sara Lowenburg
Sara Lowenburg has been a member of the Krewe of Red Beans for two years and is helping behind the scenes with clerical work. She’s a native Louisianan and works at the Louisiana State Museum as the Manager of Education.
Chris Marshall
Chris Marshall is a Krewe of Red Beans member. He's handling communications with each locally-owned restaurant.
Katie Sikora
Katie Sikora is new addition to the Krewe of Red Beans efforts and is the photographer behind the images you see on this site and on our social medias. She has a background in photojournalism but shoots everything from shark tagging research to vodou ceremonies to weddings. She is also the creator of The Sexism Project, an ongoing interview series featuring real stories of real people experiencing real sexism.
Mark Stevens
Mark is a cookbook author (Cooking with Spices & the World Sauces Cookbook) and filmmaker based in New Orleans. He is a founding member and first King of the Krewe of Red Beans and later went on to found Mid-City's walking parade: the Dead Bean Parade. Mark is involved in outreach and messaging to get the food world involved with Feed the Frontline NOLA.
Michele Zhou
Michele DM’d Devin on Instagram because she wanted to help her first-time restaurateurs and chef-owners at Politan Row involved in the cause. After talking with Devin, she was dumbfounded and inspired to join the team to help grow and scale #feedthefrontline in New Orleans to basically anywhere else. Much like jazz, our system can spread to any other place in the world, and she’s pretty good at explaining things clearly and quickly. Her motto: food = love.