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Our last day of service was May 3, 2020


With your help, we’ve been able to continuously send food love to the front line hospital heroes of New Orleans as they battled COVID-19.

We’re no longer accepting donations for Feed the Front Line, but check out our next project: Feed the Second Line! We’re expanding the same concept to serve the culture bearers of our great city and employ out of work musicians and artists.

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Thank you from the founder

Monday, May 4, 2020

On March 15th, a nurse brought cookies to my wife’s ER to share – at the time, COVID was beginning to hit. My wife, an ER doctor, was risking her life each day at work – and the stress levels were unlike anything she had seen in her career. When my wife told me of the cookies, and how it helped boost their morale in the ER – the idea for Feed the Front Line NOLA hit.

We began with a $60 order of food for my wife’s ER. Then we began fundraising and organizing through the Krewe of Red Beans, which I have organized since its inception, 12 years ago.

Our effort was designed to order as much food – from as many New Orleans restaurants – as quickly as possible. To help the restaurants, and to provide a “morale boost” for the hospital workers. Word of mouth spread; the more hospital-workers got in touch asking for food. We always said “yes”. Within two weeks, we were hiring local-musicians to deliver our food. And the list of restaurants we were supporting grew. Donations kept coming in – and we were able to help our community.

I never imagined how many people would be impacted by our effort. In 6 weeks, we placed over 100,000 orders of food, coffee, and cookies for our health-care workers. 49 locally owned restaurants and coffee shops were given a life-line through our orders. 2300+ health-care workers in area ERs, ICUs, and the New Orleans EMS received amazing New Orleans meals each day. 25 musicians worked for us – as our delivery staff. And 10 local artists were hired to help us create marketing material. We spent over $ 1,000,000 in the New Orleans economy.

Yesterday was our final day feeding 2,300+ hospital workers - and it marks the end of our program. It’s bittersweet to see it end, but the impact was unquestionable.  Aside from the economic life-line our program created – it brought hope. It gave many people a purpose and a hopeful task in the middle of COVID-19 impacting New Orleans.

None of this would have happened without the support of donors like you. So, I wanted to personally thank you.

Devin De Wulf
Krewe of Red Beans

Love for #Feedthefrontline

"I’m truly ecstatic to have been a part of Feeding the Frontline Nola. The Krewe of Red Beans organized an incredible operation that impact the unity, economy, and morale of the New Orleans community in a profound and meaningful way”

Sam Shahin
Drummer (Naughty Professor)

It has been a game changer for my bakery to have been a part of the Krewe of Red Beans/ Feed the Front Line NOLA initiative during COVID-19. Through the donations obtained by the Krewe, we have been able to deliver breakfast to hundreds of hospital staff in the ERs and ICUs. In turn, the revenue from these orders is THE REASON we will be able to reopen after this is over – not the SBA, not federal or local aid, not private assistance, not anything other than the orders that we were so lucky and proud to have received.

Thank you Krewe of Red Beans, and thank you for all who donated.

Hillary Guttman
Owner,Laurel Street Bakery

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